About Us


Sim Atlı, is the Creative Director and Designer of SIMandROZ, a fine jewelry brand based in Istanbul. Sim received her degree in fashion design from the prestigious Insituto Europeo Di Design in Milano.

After graduating from the university she worked in fashion industry as a designer for five years but jewelry design was always on the back of her mind. Sim’s love of jewelry is coming from her background, her mother being a jewelry designer since about 20 years. She credits her mom and their visits to studio for discovering her passion for jewelry design, where she found herself overseeing craftsmanship and the design process through childhood.

Years of traveling, reading and living abroad, she felt the need to tell the soul discoveries she made in her life journey.So she began to design and create her own pieces, launching SIMandROZ in 2018.

Sim believes we are part of this incredible creation. Everything is interdependent on everything else and connected through energy and we need to understand the functioning of universe on a deeper level. Her intention is to remind people this deeper level of interconnectivity and that cosmos is a miracle that we need to cherish every day.  Every piece made is inspired from the universe, has a meaning much more than meets the eye. And every piece made is made with good intentions and love. Sim intends for her pieces to become a part of the wearer and hopes the wearer will find a personal connection and a timeless energy within.

Today, Sim spends her days on her atelier, intimately working with a small group of artisans and gem dealers, creating pieces using 14k and 18k gold, diamonds, precious stones and enamel. Each design is drawn by Sim, each stone is passionately handpicked by her and each piece is created and build by artisan goldsmiths.


SIMandROZ founded with the intention of creating fine jewelry pieces for women who have the passion of expressing themselves and

believe there is always more to everything than meets the eye.

The brand tells stories from heart and soul which Sim discovered during her life journey and this gives love and vivaciousness to each piece.

Each collection is unique yet connected, as they are inspired by the miracles of cosmos.

Colorful precious gemstones and diamonds combined with the traditional and exquisite craftsmanship makes each piece modern yet timeless.

Sim believes everything is connected and all is energy in the universe, an idea which is behind every collection she creates.

SIMandROZ jewelry is a part of this energy and allows all and one to find a personal connection with the pieces.


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